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4DR merchandise shop frequently asked questions

Shop Location: https://4drclanforum.com/pages/shop

Q: If I plan on purchasing a shirt, how do I customize it to put my name on it?
A: This is a really important question. By default, the back of the shirt says "Name here!", and obviously you're supposed to type your name in there to make it more of your own. We don't want anyone to receive a shirt that has the default text on it. So to customize the back of the shirt, click the "Back" view of the shirt. On the "Back" view of the shirt, you will see the text "Name here!". Obviously, this is the text you need to replace your name with. To do this, click the "Change Text" button. The button is kind of kind of cut off (like pretty much all the buttons unfortunately). There, type in your name or whatever other text you want that will fit there. Once you type in what you want, just click "Preview" to see what it looks like. Once you've finished, click "Done" to apply the text to the shirt.

Q: Is anyone welcome to buy merchandise (specifically a shirt), and put their name on it?
A: Yes, of course! The shirts and the customizable name on the back is mainly meant for members, but even then, any merchandise can be purchased and customized by anyone.

Q: What if the shirt I get is ruined, looks horrible, doesn't fit, etc...?
A: You can contact Spreadshirt and exchange it, get a coupon, or get a refund. Please see their website for more details: https://www.spreadshirt.com/help-C1328/categoryId/5/articleId/23.

Q: Is the service safe?
A: Yes. Spreadshirt is a very reputable company. If paying through their site just doesn't cut it for you, you can pay through your Amazon account or PayPal.

Q: Why are the products so expensive?
A: It's firstly worth noting that we did not choose the price of the merchandise. What you're really paying for is the printing and shipping of the merchandise you ordered. We're sorry that the price is so expensive, but we didn't choose the price. Over time, we're going to be adding a lot of different products into the shop that will be much cheaper, so keep an eye out for new products in the shop (we will of course announce them as they become available).

Q: Where is my money going?
A: A majority of your money is going to Spreadshirt for printing the shirt and shipping it to you. With that being said, we do get $2 USD of your money from each sale. What we use this for is for site costs. The forum is not free to run, and it unfortunately only gets more and more expensive as the site grows. We want to keep it going for you guys, but we need some help in return. We felt like this was a great way to help us out because you're obviously helping pay for site costs, but you're also getting something worthwhile (the merchandise) out of your purchase.

Q: What methods are there to purchase merchandise?
A: You have three choices of payment: credit/debit card information through the site itself (it's not a scam, we assure you), your Amazon Account, or PayPal.

Q: Can I purchase merchandise if I don't live in the United States? Will it get shipped to me?
A: Yes, you can purchase merchandise and have it shipped to you outside the United States. Just note that it will take much longer (1-6 weeks) than it would if you lived in the United States.

Q: How can I add items to my wish list?
A: You can add items to your wish list by selecting the item you want to add to your wish list, and then click/press the "Add to wish list" button. This will keep it in your wish list until you choose to remove it. If you use multiple devices, it's not really advised to use the wish list feature as it is tied in to your device. What you add to your wish list on your computer will not show up in your wish list on your phone. It is device specific. But of course, if you use the same device all (or most of) the time, then this is a great feature for you. And for those who don't know, a wish list is exactly what it sounds like. It's a list of (in this case) 4DR Merchandise Products that you'd like to buy maybe in the future, but can't quite purchase currently for whatever reasons you may have. You can configure each item in your wish list, and then come back to it and buy what you want to when you can.

Q: Why am I always forced to the Default style when visiting the shop?
A: Some elements on some styles interfere with the functionality of the shop. To avoid this, we force the Default style on the shop page. Once you visit any other page on the forum, you will be switched back to whatever style you have selected. This all happens with no effort required on your part.

If you have any other questions not answered here, please visit this thread and ask away!