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We often get people who ask how they can donate to the forum, and we cannot tell you how much we appreciate that. The main way that we recommend "donating" is to buy a membership from us. You must have an account on the forum and you must be logged in. Then, navigate to the following link (or click "Account Upgrades" in your user options): https://4drclanforum.com/account/upgrades and select a membership. This is the best method because you are helping us out, but you are also benefiting by getting a membership out of donating. Another great way of donating is buying something from the 4DR Merchandise Shop. This is also a great way to donate because just like with buying an Advanced Membership, you get something from your purchase. More merchandise items are added over time, so make sure to check back frequently. If you have bought all of the memberships, bought items from the 4DR Merchandise Shop, and want to donate more or you want to donate and don't have the money to buy the more expensive upgrades, then you can donate to us on Patreon here.

Any donation amount is appreciated, even if it is 1 cent. And we're not kidding. The currency is in USD when donating, so make sure to first check that you're donating the right amount in your currency before proceeding. For example, if you want to donate 5 USD, covert that to your currency first and see if that's something you can afford.

Thank you very much for supporting the forum and allowing us to keep this site online as money helps us pay for server costs.