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Technology administrator role

The Tech Admin is an entirely new role that appeared at the beginning of 2019, so it is completely understandable that many people don’t understand what this role is exactly, and this is what this page is here to explain. The Tech Admin is a staff member just like a Leader, Co-Leader, or Moderator is, and they preform the same moderation functions that these other roles would. So if you want a thread deleted or moved, or if a user is misbehaving on the forum, the Tech Admin is able to help out with tasks such as these. The Tech Admin is not a part of the 4DR clan in the sense that they do not manage or help out with clan duties (such as a Leader or Co-Leader would). This means that any aspect that has to do with your membership in the clan (if you want your name changed on the member list, if you want to join, if you want to leave, etc...) is not something that the Tech Admin can help out with and such aspects would have to be directed at an appropriate Leader or Co-Leader. Up to this point, a Moderator and Tech Admin appear to be the same role (and they are largely similar), but the key difference is that Tech Admins have full Admin Panel access so they are able to serve the forum in regards to implementing new features and maintaining existing ones. Tech Admins support the forum in a technical sense, so they are usually the first point of contact if something is not working as expected. It is important to make the distinction that Tech Admins do not claim to be experts that can fix any and every issue thrown at them, but they are generally quite familiar with hosting websites, forum software, and various other technology topics that allow them to be a good fit for the role. Hopefully this page has explained how this new role plays a part in 4DR, and as always, you can ask any Staff Member if you have additional questions.