How to get invited to become a 4DR social member

This page will explain how you can get invited to become a .

are just what they sound like: they are members who are social in 4DR. If you're looking to become a social member, here is what you need to get invited:
•You need to be consistently active on the forum for a demonstrated period of time. Usually showing that you are consistently active for a month allows for leaders/co-leaders to see that you have established yourself.
•You need to be a recognized face. If you ever get invited to become social member, you can be assured people know who you are. No one is going to be asking "who is this person?" upon accepting the invitation. If you're active on the forum, this should fall into place for you.

That's really it in terms of requirements aside from all the common sense stuff, such as not creating drama, being mature, etc... Leaders and co-leaders are constantly looking for people who meet the requirements and will invite people on a rolling basis. If you're someone who truly thinks you should be a Social Member and meet all the requirements, you're welcome to talk to a leader or co-leader if you think you've been overlooked. Most of the time though, you haven't been invited because you don't meet the requirements that we're looking for. Social Members are only allowed to use the 4DR tag on a limited basis, but that is explained more if and when you become a Social Member.
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    Apr 9, 2017
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