How to Get Invited to Veteran Membership

This page will explain how you can get invited to become a Veteran Member of 4DR.
Veteran Members are the best of the best in 4DR. They have shown their dedication and commitment to 4DR and are a role model to everyone. If you're looking to get invited to Veteran Membership, here are the qualities that leaders and co-leaders are actively looking for (note that all of these qualities are required if you wish to become a Veteran Member):
•You (of course) must be a regular 4DR Member to qualify for Veteran Membership.
•You must have been in 4DR for at least 3 months consecutively. This means that you must have been in 4DR for 3 months straight and not just here and there when added up.
•You must know all clan rules, policies, etc... Since you're a role model for everyone else, it is very important that you know how the clan functions.
•You must be very helpful on the forum by answering questions by others when the need arises (mainly about 4DR).
•You must be extremely active on the forum, Mario Kart Wii, and Discord.
•You may only be in 4DR and not participate in any other clans, teams, or whatever else people want to call them to try and get around multi-clanning. There are a few exceptions to this rule, such as participating in a World Cup team, allying for another clan for wars, etc. All exceptions must be approved by a leader/co-leader.

If a leader or co-leader sees that a 4DR Member is meeting all of these requirements for a while, we may invite you to become a Veteran Member. Please don't beg to become one, although you are welcome to inquire about why you aren't one if you think you deserve it. Please finally be advised that these requirements are final and there are no exceptions to them whatsoever.

You can only get Veteran Membership 3 times total. Here's what happens if you leave while being a Veteran Member:
•First time you're trying to be a Veteran Member = you must be a regular 4DR Member for 3 months.
•Second time you're trying to be a Veteran Member = you must be a regular 4DR Member for 6 months.
•Third time you're trying to be a Veteran Member = you must be a regular 4DR Member for 9 months.
After the third time, you won't be able to become a Veteran Member anymore as that's just ridiculous.

As a Veteran Member, you do get access to a few special perks, and here they are:
•Access to the shoutbox.
•Veteran Membership section.
•Dark blue name.
•4DR Veteran Member banner/rank image.
•Can use "Modern" style.
•Ability to suggest Social Members.
•Ability to assist with trials. More specifically, you can help determine whether a trial member passes or fails.

Please let any leader or co-leader know if you have questions about any of this.
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    Apr 4, 2017
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