Posting a war thread

This page will give you more information about posting a war thread.

Everyone in 4DR is allowed to post a war thread, including Trial Members and . If you aren't a Member and want to post a war thread for some reason, you will need to ask a Member of 4DR to do it for you. However, only leaders and co-leaders are allowed to post war threads that were against other clans. Everyone else in 4DR is only allowed to post Inner/Civil War results. When posting a war thread, please be sure to select the correct prefix and name the thread appropriately. If 4DR warred a team called "Team A" for example, "4DR vs. Team A" would be an appropriate title for that thread. You should then proceed to post the GP Pictures and the war table at the very least. Typing up the GP scores, any media related to the war, and/or any other notes is a good thing to include in the war thread as well.
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    Jan 15, 2017
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