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Bit-Bike in Battle Mode by Me 1.0.0

Who says you can't have creative bikes in battle mode?

  1. ☆VFlame
    Hello, im proud to release my first project, it is still in beta, so there could be texture glitches, I've only got some characters done including: Toad, Koopa, Baby Luigi, Baby Mario, Toadette, and Baby Daisy.
    Dont be discouraged by that, I am still working on this project! All characters will be completed sooner or later,
    The Video Release Is Here: :)

    Anyways heres the link: Bit-Bike BT mode
    Place all zip contents in MKW folder
    Thats it! If someone could make a video of this pack I'd appreciate it! I will give credit if you do decide to record, just record some Battle montage of each character for 20 seconds! Thanks