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Black and Red Funky Kong on the Flame Runner 1

Darker furred Funky Kong with black and red clothes to go with his Flame Runner.

  1. Viper
    Some form of texture loader for MKWii (i.e. Riivolution, patched ISO)
    Decided to throw together a texture the other day, and I figured y'all would enjoy it. Pretty basic texture, sorry about the low image quality.

    Programs used:
    Adobe Photoshop CC
    SZS Explorer
    WiiScrubber (to extract original from ISO)
    WBFS Manager (to get the file from my ISO

    20170331_141756.jpg 20170331_142126.jpg

Recent Reviews

  1. XRik7X
    Version: 1
    Very nice texture David! It looks amazing :D (compared to my blue texture this one looks more cool xd), will be waiting if you some day do another great texture for rosa or daisy :)
    1. Viper
      Author's Response
      I have a draft of a Gray Rosalina texture but it keeps black screening my MKW. I'll try to get it up eventually, as for Daisy, you'll just have to wait and see ;)