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Beta Cosmic Yoshi 1.0

Cosmic, Toxic, Evil... Whichever one you prefer, I personally like Cosmic. :P

  1. NintenYoshi
    Put the SZS files in the My Stuff folder, or replace the respective files in the ISO with Wiimms ISO Tools.
    In MKW modding, textures are not my strongest point, but I'm working on getting the hang of them. :p
    Especially character textures, which I've always found complicated. Nonetheless, I decided to go ahead and give a try, and here we are :D


    Here I show off Cosmic Yoshi, whose design is based off Cosmic Mario/Luigi from Super Mario Galaxy 1, but with a more 'evil' design I decided to give it. I know a cosmic clone has stars, but I had a little trouble making them display all over the model.

    Kart.PNG Bike.PNG

    Currently the texture will display in the character/vehicle select menu, in race, has minimap and results icons, and supports two vehicles: Mach Bike and Super Blooper. More vehicles will probably be added in the future!

    Bike2.PNG Kart2.PNG

    I've attached some images for demonstration and I recorded a video showing it in game as well. I hope you like this texture, and give it some use :thumbsup:

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