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Fire Daisy [Daisy] by Me 1.0.0

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Watch in 720p.

I haven't release any new character texture for a year... But now I've finally released a new character texture! I know, there are two textures for Daisy that I have, which that was Blue Suit Daisy (old texture). I've made a new texture called Fire Daisy! It also works on Wild Wing and Mach Bike only (same thing for Peach texture). So I hope you enjoy that new texture! :D

Note: Please be aware that the official download button above contains the download for Fire Daisy on Mach Bike. For the Wild Wing version, please use the link directly below.

Fire Daisy on Wild Wing: mb_kart-ds.szs

Fire Daisy on Mach Bike: ma_bike-ds.szs

Date of Release: 13th December 2014
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