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Fire Funky Kong [Funky Kong] by Me v2.0

A new texture of Funky Kong

  1. Rachy


    Watch in 720p60 HD.

    It's about time, I haven't been used textures for 7 months ago (the last texture I created is Fire Mario Raceway). Now I've finally decided to make a new character texture cause I was bored, so this is new Funky Kong texture called is Fire Funky Kong because it's red and white color with a flame on his back. However, it does work with Bowser Bike/Flame Runner only. Enjoy! :)


    Date of release: 27th June 2016

Recent Reviews

  1. Hydro
    Version: v2.0
    One of the best textures, i've seen! I use this texture a lot, and enjoy it very much! and the fire on v2, and is really good!!! Wonderful job Rachy!
  2. ☆VFlame
    Version: 2016-06-28
    Excellent! Nice color scheme and manipulation of the model lightning to make a shiny effect! However some critism. Like most texture hacks, the only thing that would be changed is the color scheme. However, including a custom texture and a different shiny effect can be an original texture hack that stands out of the rest of them! Excellent work!
    1. Rachy
      Author's Response
      Thank you for your review! I appreciate it! :)