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Fire Kart Wii 4

You've never seen Mario Kart Wii so fiery!

  1. Rachy
    Oh hey, guess what? Fire Kart Wii v4 is out right now! #Hype

    I know that was suppose to release this from yesterday, but it was delayed. :p Anyway, here's a video:

    Watch in 720p 60FPS, it looks horrendous without it.

    Hello there! It's been a year. I can't blame you if you thought v3 was the finale. But this is REAL final version of Fire Kart Wii because I wanted to do more updates. Anyway, I added lot of textures, music, etc in my pack. There are two lists of characters, tracks and BRSTMs (including people who made textures and music) can be found in the download link of FKW v4 pack below. (Credits to Kirigaya for his Music)

    There are Two Menu's this time around. One is for Regular MKW, and one is for CTGP (Credits to Wiimmfi Koyatan for making the CTGP Compatible one!)

    Regular/Non-CTGP-R MenuSingle (no anime background): MenuSingle.szs

    CTGP-R MenuSingle (anime background) : MenuSingle(CTGP).szs

    I hope you enjoy it! :)

    If you have any problem with this pack, please let me know.
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