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Fire Peach [Peach] by Me 1.0.0

Peach with a fiery flare!

  1. Rachy


    Watch in 720p.

    New character texture was coming right now! Yes, I did made another character texture. That's Fire Peach because I just found Fire Peach image, which is come from Super Mario 3D World on Wii U. I made 2 textures of Fire Peach in Wild Wing and Mach bike. :D Btw, I had made a kart texture of first time. O:

    Note: The official Resource Download link is only for Fire Peach in Mach Bike. For the Wild Wing version, please use the link below.

    Fire Peach in Mach Bike: ma_bike-pc.szs

    Fire Peach in Wild Wing: mb_kart-pc.szs

    Date of release: 25th November 2013