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Flying Kawaii Baby Luigi v1.1

Small green bro got a somewhat fancy upgrade.

  1. Dokan
    Just place this SZS in your MyStuff folder and you're ready to go!
    (If you have an ISO, replace it with WiiScrubber)
    Good evening, fellows,
    I'm back again with a new texture.

    This time I wanted to make a texture for my 2nd Main, Baby Luigi, but i wanted something unique, so...


    This...is an "anime-style" version of Baby Luigi.
    He got a new pair of blue eyes, wears turquoise-black clothes and drives on a mat, black Bullet Bike.

    Perfect for weebs and other high plebs, who don't want a plain Baby Luigi.

    I hope you guys, liked this new idea, I'd really appreciate, if you use that in your custom textures! :D

    This version might get an update, of course, if I have time for that.
    As always, if you have questions about the texture, feel free to contact me! :)

Recent Reviews

  1. Stylechrasher
    Version: v1.0
    It looks really beautiful, the only thing, that's missing for me is the character selection file, but nvm. Dank Kawaii eyes, by the way. :D