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Flying Kawaii Baby Mario (Submission: GKWii) v1.0

Low-Tier, but cute - Baby Mario in Flying Star outfit

  1. Azuru
    Just place this SZS in your MyStuff folder and you're ready to go!
    (If you have an ISO, replace it with WiiScrubber)
    Good afternoon, guys,
    I am back again to show you off a new texture.

    I've been working for the project "Galaxy Kart Wii" for a few weeks now and made a bunch of textures for it.
    Since I'd like to share my work on the forums, so everyone can test it out, I decided to post some textures as resources.

    Here's the preview:
    This is an mash-up of the Super Mario Galaxy powerup called "Flying Star" and of the anime style versions (of Baby Luigi).

    Baby Mario wears now a black overall with the usual shirt and dark blue shoes, the facial expressions were replaced with some cute saucer eyes (sugoi).
    I made only slight changes on the bike, such as red tires and red visor.

    I hope you guys, liked this new idea, I'd really appreciate, if you use that in your custom textures!
    Also, tell me if I should release more GKWii textures of mine in here, as a teaser for the upcoming pack! :D

    This version might get an update, of course, if I have time for that.
    As always, if you have questions about the texture, feel free to contact me! :)