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Galacta Kong on Dragonetti/Honeycoupe [Donkey Kong] by Rachy

A new texture of Donkey Kong on Dragonetti/Honeycoupe!

  1. Rachy
    Requested by @JoeySun for this texture since it's his main combo for Item Rain mode. :p

    For reason, it is called 'Galacta Kong' because it looks like it came from outer space, so I just made a new texture (light blue Donkey Kong...
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Recent Reviews

  1. JoeySun
    I love the colors and how great the pop on the screen, good job c: the light blue fur just fits absolutely great with the pink car and the blue tires just fit the fur c:
    1. Rachy
      Author's Response
      Glad you love it, thanks for reviewing! c: