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GCN Cookie Land 2.0 1.0

Cookie Land with an added pink twist!

  1. ☆VFlame
    Hello.. So its been like, what, a month since I last was seen here. Now I am back, with more texture productions, this one being my personal favorite and private, but now I am releasing to everyone so all can enjoy this, I spent a long time figuring out how mkw textures work and how to simulate transparency or layering mode experimentation, now I have finally produced this!

    And the download it :

    Thank you all so much! Make sure to support by liking the video! I will be uploading more soon!

    PLEASE REFRAIN FROM USING THIS ONLINE, KCL AND KMP PROVIDE AN UNFAIR ADVANTAGE TO OTHER PLAYERS, (Somewhere in the video you have seen me drive on the jelly which is usually impossible)