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"Gerald" Kong (Character Texture, made by me) v1.0

No permission to download
A Wii(U) (not Wii Mini, eww), a computer with a SD card slot, CTGP w/ MyStuff (recommended), basic drag-and-drop skills.
What's up everyone, it's me Dokan.

Yeah folks, I am back there with another texture, requested by my bruwu Jonny! :gerald:


This Funky Kong wears a black shirt, on the back with a Gerald icon.
He also wears light blue pants with a black belt and a gold buckle, a blue and white dotted bandana and black sunglasses.
He drives on a black and silver-metallic Bowser Bike.

Hope you all like that texture! :D
Feel free to contact me, if you have any questions! :)

--- Credits to @Atlas. ---
His "Icon Template" for Funky: Icon Template Funky (Funky Kong Texture) - Custom Mario Kart
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