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How to Avoid Wheelie Locks

Wheelie Locks are no more!

  1. Plex
    Hey guys!

    Today, I thought that it would be a good idea to teach you guys how to avoid Wheelie Locks. If you don't know what a Wheelie Lock is, it is what people call when you Wheelie and can't stop the Wheelie manually. You just get stuck in it...
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Recent Reviews

  1. amaya
    This guide contains faulty information. Wheelie locks are caused by being in the air while in a wheelie (which cannot end while in the air, and releasing the hop button too early before touching the ground, which causes the wheelie lock). This is why wheelie locks almost never happen on flat tracks that don't have any raised ground (i.e. Luigi Circuit and Mario Circuit 3, and most often on Maple Treeway where there are plenty of opportunities to be in the air for a few frames.
  2. Sarape
    Great guide! I never knew how to get out of a wheelie lock, so this was pretty interesting. I would try it, but I'm not really into mkw anymore.