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How to Configure OpenHost for Wiimmfi

Just filling in on a tutorial request here. :)

Openhost is a feature on Wiimmfi that allows people to "add" you without you having to add them back. This is generally useful for competitive people so that (in wars) the players just have to add...
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perfect! just what I was looking for. This is so helpful, but is there an alternative? I can't seem to get in to work. it just doesn't link with my game or something. It isn't urgent, but I would love it f somebody would help.
Can you try posting a new thread in the Mario Kart Wii general discussion section with more information? https://4drclanforum.com/forums/mario-kart-wii-general-discussion.16/ Thanks for your kind feedback! :)
Thanks! I have a WHOLE lot of friends I wanna add, but I don't have room for them! So I found how to use openhost from here and this was very helpful!
I'm glad it was helpful for you! :)