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How to do the Waluigi Stadium Strat

Learn how to do this correctly and you can save yourself some time

  1. Plex
    Hey guys!

    Today's tutorial will teach how to do the Waluigi Stadium Boost ramp strat!

    If you do not know what this strat is, or have an idea, but do not know what I am referring to, the strat consists of you (the player), tricking of the second...
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Recent Reviews

  1. Sarape
    Tells almost nothing about the sc, needs more pictures and needs to be more descriptive. Show a picture during the jump to show what it looks like if you do it right.
  2. ~Jonny~
    not that descriptive and specific, not showing the exact way to go and how to do about things, like where to go after the jump, and what it would look like.