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How to make BRSTMs (Part 1: Normal BRSTMs)

The ultimate guide about MKWii Sound Modding - 99% won't fail this guide.

  1. Dokan
    Audacity (or any other music editors, Audacity is recommended)
    Looping Audio Converter
    CTGP v1.03 (because we need the MyStuff folder, it's much easier)
    Welcome to my tutorial!
    Warning: Bad puns and memes are hidden here. Prepare for Disappointment.

    Things you'll need:

    • Audacity (DL:...
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Recent Reviews

  1. Jonah
    Really good. I'd wondered how to do this, and it totally works! I do suggest that you use a program like movie maker to change the base of a song , but otherwise this helped a lot!
    1. Dokan
      Author's Response
      I don't think Movie Maker is the better alternative, Audacity and other audio editing programs are more comfortable.
      Anyway, thanks for your review! ^^