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How to make the N64 Sherbet Land ultra glitch

Make Sherbet Land glitch

  1. SwtSkitty
    Own a Wii
    Have a controller
    Have an MKWii disc
    Have a LOT of patience
    List of World Records on Sherbet Land since the release of the track (the glitch times are nearer the bottom):
    MKWii WR History

    N64 Sherbet Land on the Player's Page (I...
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Recent Reviews

  1. Azula
    Thank you for this guide Skitty! Not everyone can write a guide like this, so it's really great for you to share this with us. Of course, I'm not a big TT person, but it's nice knowing that I'd be able to give it a go if I wanted with these helpful pictures and detailed instructions. :)