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How to Unlock All Vehicles on Mario Kart Wii

Q: What are 'Wii' cups and what are 'Retro' cups?
A: Wii Cups contain courses that are new and exclusive to Mario Kart Wii. Retro cups contain courses that come from past Mario Karts (hence "retro"). Wii Cups are the four cups at the top, so the Mushroom Cup, Flower Cup, Star Cup, and Special Cup. Retro Cups are the four cups at the bottom, so the Shell Cup, Banana Cup, Leaf Cup, and Lightning Cup. You can tell if a course is a retro track based on what cup it is, but also whether it has something in front of the course name. For example, "DS Delfino Square". This is a retro track and it comes from the DS version of Mario Kart. You can tell because of the "DS" in front of the course name. A Wii cup course would be "Grumble Volcano". It has no 'DS', 'SNES', etc... in front of it; meaning it is a new tack to Mario Kart Wii.

Q: What does 'star rank' mean?
A: A star rank is a grade or rank given to you at the end of each GP. The rank will be based on a number of factors; including how you use your items, how much you get hit, how much you fall off, and how much you go offroad. If you use your items well, don't fall off, and don't go offroad- you have a high chance of getting at least a one star rank.

Q: How can I continue playing online when Nintendo WFC is gone?
A: You can continue to play Mario Kart Wii online by a fan project under the name of "Wiimmfi". It is very popular and has essentially been up since Nintendo WFC went down. For more information on Wiimmfi itself and how to get it, please see this thread: How to get the Wiimmfi Server

Q: What is an "Expert Staff Ghost"?
A: An Expert Staff Ghost is unlocked when you get a really good time on a track. When you play Time Trial mode, you have the option to play solo, or you can play against one of Nintendo's ghosts. If you play one of Nintendo's ghosts and beat them by quite a bit, you will unlock an Expert Staff Ghost. You will know that you have unlocked one because it will tell you when you finish the Time Trial that you have unlocked one. The exact time for each course that you need to get in order to unlock an Expert Staff Ghost is unknown. You can improve your time on a course by using your three shrooms in a more useful manner, learning to avoid course obstacles, and taking good lines (for example, when going around a turn, you want to be as close to the edge of the grass, dirt, wall, whatever... as possible instead of taking it wide- this will make you get a better time. It will be hard at first though as you will probably crash into walls or go off road. Just keep practicing and you will eventually get there).

Q: What do the different weights mean?
A: It literally just means how much the character weights. Characters are grouped into three different weight classes: small, medium, and large. It helps you from being bumped and being pushed off the track (not completely) if you use a large character. Medium weight characters are in the middle of that, and then small weight characters get pushed around rather easily.