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Kawaii Baby Daisy

Kawaii Baby Daisy v1.0

No permission to download
Just place this SZS in your MyStuff folder and you're ready to go!
(If you have an ISO, replace it with Wiimm's ISO Tools)
Good evening, guys.
I am back again to show you off a new texture.

I am still working on several projects, including a texture pack for the clan.
Since I'm a nice guy, I'd like to share my work on the forums, so everyone can test it out.

Here's the preview:

As you already know my last two textures, I'm giving the baby characters the neat anime look, my next "victim" :tox: was Baby Daisy.

I have changed the crown color to a bleached gold, the hair color has now a light orange tone and the dress got a darker orange tone. Undoubtedly, the facial expressions were replaced with some cute saucer eyes, again.
(250 Swagbucks for the first person, who guesses from which anime I took these eyes. ;))
She's also driving the "Tigerbee Bike", a black-yellow striped version of the Bullet Bike, looks similar to a bee (creativeness 100). Yellow tires are included ofc.

I hope you guys, like this texture!
I would really appreciate, if you use that in your My Stuff folder! :D

This version might get an update, of course, this might depend on my free time.
As always, if you have questions about the texture itself, feel free to contact me on Discord! :)
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