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Unmaintained [NTSC-US] List of Mario Kart Wii Cheat Codes 2020-05-26

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  • Please click "Download" to download a .txt file to your computer with the different codes.
  • This is not a list of every single cheat code ever made, but is a list and direct import of most from: Codes: Mario Kart Wii [RMCE01] (NTSC-US) at GeckoCodes.org - WiiRD Code Database
  • While this is a list of different cheat codes, certain cheat codes that give you an advantage are not condoned or allowed by 4DR or on Wiimmfi. They are only here as a resource or for friend rooms/offline use. Please refer to the following document for what is allowed on Wiimmfi: Wiimmfi Rule Booklet
  • Last updated: May 26, 2020. I do not plan to regularly update this resource and don't expect there to be many updates anyway as the hacking scene for Mario Kart Wii is quite dead, but I may check occasionally and update as needed.
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