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Retro Bowser's Castle 1.0

It's a retro styled texture on a retro track!

  1. NintenYoshi
    CTGP My Stuff folder
    Replace respective file with Wiiscrubber or WIT
    Hello all! I bring here a new texture, which I think is my best one so far (out of the 2 I made lol). This is Retro Bowser's Castle!


    Retro Bowser's Castle
    by NintenYoshi

    This texture of N64 Bowser's Castle is styled after the Bowser Castle tracks from Super Mario Kart, and the Bowser levels from SMW and SMB3.


    I took some sprites and pics from these games to create the textures! Some look new, others are more so retro styled versions of the original texture. Nonetheless, it does make the track feel different!

    Hopefully you all enjoy! I have more ideas for texture hacks down the road which I'll really enjoy doing. :)

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