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Snowview Highway 1.0

Ever wanted to see how Moonview Highway would look during snowy times?

  1. NintenYoshi
    CTGP, use My Stuff folder
    ISO users, replace track file with WIT
    So, it's not really winter time yet, but I had this idea in my mind and wanted to make it a reality soon enough. :p
    This originally was going to be a track edit that made the track more slippery and trickier to drive through, but that wouldn't make it safe for online play, which would be a shame, since I worked a lot on these textures. So, here it is!​


    This texture makes Moonview Highway look like it's on a snowy landscape, with even post effects to give it a nicer look. :)
    For my first proper track texture, I'm happy with what I did! :D
    I hope you enjoy! It is practically ready for use, but I might do some tweaks if necessary later on.


    Here is a video showing off the texture: