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Top3 Vehicles for Each Course in Time Trials [NITRO]

[Retro Courses coming soon]
A full list of the top3 vehicles for each Nitro course, and the WR with that vehicle, with an explanation. These rankings are based on the best known time for every vehicle in the game for the course. This was all...
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I already knew most of these but not all thanks bro. I'm getting a wii in a few days so this is gonna help. 140 charcaters reallyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy?
No problem. I was planning on making Retro, but the YouTube channel for alternate vehicles got deleted, so it would take a lot longer.
Goes into detail about why or why not a certain vehicle is good for a course, and gives helpful info on how to use multiple vehicles on different courses. I like how it gives top 3 rather than just the best because it gives other options if you would prefer to not use the top option, and i really like that.