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"Tox" Kong (Character Texture) v1.01

Funky Kong, with a :tox: upgrade!

  1. Dokan
    A Wii, a computer with a SD card slot, CTGP w/ MyStuff (recommended), basic drag-and-drop skills.
    Hey everyone,
    I was working on a texture again, but this time, I'll publish it here, before it's done.

    Thus, Tox Funky was created!
    "Tox" is a Xat smiley and a common one on the forums, so I decide to make a texture about it.
    Tox Funky has the Tox emote on the back of his normal shirt (border's still here, beta). He's also dressed in cyan-blue and green clothes/accessories.

    Texture in "beta phase", not finished.
    Texture finished! Please check "Updates"!

    Credits to @Atlas.
    His Texture template: Icon Template Funky (Funky Kong Texture) - Custom Mario Kart

Recent Updates

  1. Icon Boundaries fixed!
  2. Silver Visor added!
  3. Finished Version