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This item will allow you to delete one of your own threads.
  • Notice: Please be aware that you must be a 4DR Leader, Co-Leader, Veteran Member, Member, Trial Member, or to post media in this category.
  • Hello and welcome to the 4DR Clan Forum Shop! This is where you can purchase various forum goodies. Please make sure to read the description of each item prior to buying, as the descriptions will give you more information about each item which will come in handy. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, it is best to create a new thread in the "Forum Suggestions and Support" section since this system is relatively new to all of us, and you will be able to get help from more people/others will be able to see what you asked and what the solution was.
This item will allow you to delete one of your own threads. Please be aware that if you are a Bronze, Premium, or VIP Member, then this item will not be of use since you can already delete your own threads as a perk of those memberships. This is primarily meant for someone who doesn’t have an Advanced Membership and wants to delete a thread. If you desperately need to delete a thread of yours and don’t want to purchase this item or don’t have an Advanced Membership, then you can contact a member of staff about the issue and it will be up to their discretion as to whether or not the thread gets deleted. Please be aware that there are a few forum sections that we do not allow deletion of threads with this item:
  • Unfair Punishments
  • The Voting Booth
  • Contest Designer Applications
  • Moderator Applications
  • Award Requests and Recommendations
Staff may override any deletion and may undetete a thread if it is in the best interest of the site (for example, a user deletes a popular thread- in cases like these, it is better to ask for a thread ownership change rather than a deletion). If you continue to delete a thread that has previously been undeleted, this is considered a violation of forum rules and you will be disciplined accordingly.
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