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Username Style

This rare and expensive item will allow you to change the style of your username.
This item will allow you to change different attributes of your username, such as:
  • Bold
  • Italic
  • Underline
  • Color
  • Glow
  • Shadow
It is extremely rare and extremely expensive item as it an epic item that allows you to stand out on the forum in a way that very few others can. Please note that while the power behind this name is appreciated, do be aware that customizations need to be in good taste. Colors should not clash or make your username unbearable to look at, and similarly, you should avoid colors, glows, etc... that represent rank. Staff do get notifications when this item is purchased and do monitor those who purchase this item to ensure these rules are being met and may discipline in accordance with the forum rules (this may include removing this item from your inventory in its entirety). This item is also unlike other items in the sense that there is only 1 available for purchase at one time (unless the item gets returned, which is rare) and it gets replenished every 30 days to avoid many people purchasing this epic item at the same time.

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