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Vanity profile URL

This item will allow you to set a vanity URL for your profile.
This item will allow you to change how your profile URL looks on the forum to make it easier to get to your profile and to show off that you have your own specific URL unique to you. It is comparable to Discord's four digit number after each account to identify it (#1111), except, you can change it once you buy this item. Let's take a look at how normal profile URLs look on the forum:

The above is a typical profile URL where "users" comes after the root to indicate it is a user profile we are talking about, and then the username follows with a period between the username and user ID. The user ID is very important as it is what allows content to be linked to a user if someone changes their username. It's important to note that your regular profile URL still works while using a vanity URL, however, you will always be directed to the new vanity URL if in use. Let's now take a look at what a profile URL can look like:

Certainly much easier to remember if you just wanted to type it in manually and it simply looks cooler too. Once you activate your vanity URL, you may only change it once every three months. This is to try and prevent conflict with users using the item at the same time and using the same vanity URLs.

Configuring this item:
  1. When you successfully purchase this item, you will automatically gain access to your own vanity URL and no settings need to be changed to activate the item.
  2. To configure your vanity URL, you need to access the following link: https://4drclanforum.com/account/vanity-url Otherwise, you can find the setting for it under your account settings by clicking "Vanity URL":
  3. Once you are on the page, you will be allowed to input whatever you would like for your vanity URL. Please note that all vanity URLs are a representation of the 4DR clan and forum since it is a page hosted on our site, so please keep vanity URLs in good taste. Vanity URLs can be as short as 1 letter and most inappropriate words and phrases are already disallowed. Please give thought about what you want your vanity URL to be as you can only change it once every three months. You DO NOT need to purchase this item every single time you want to change your vanity URL. Once you buy this item, you have it for life, but simply have that three month timeframe between changes. Once you have decided on your vanity URL, simply click the "Save" button and visitors will now start being directed to your profile through your chosen vanity URL and you can post the URL elsewhere as a quicker alternative to get to your profile.

If you have additional questions or problems, please post a thread in the "forum suggestions and support" section for assistance.

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