4dr clan

  1. JackPuff

    NinLewis’ Introduction Thread

    Hello, everyone! My name is NinLewis and I decided to join this forum to make new friends and be part of a big MKW community! I’ve been playing since 2011 and I, at least, try to be good at the game. The characters of which who I main are: Funky Kong (Spear and Flame Runner) Mario (Mach Bike...
  2. Alexander

    DarkVeaz36000VR's YouTube

    I never made a thread here, so here I go! DarkVeaz36000VR's YouTube Channel [Image coming soon? Lol...] Hello! I am Alexander, better known as Dark Veaz. I play Mario Kart Wii and other games. I have a HD PVR 2 Gaming Edition which I use to record my video's. I don't upload often, but when I...
  3. Alexander

    Happy birthday to MrBurn and Katt!

    Happy birthday to @MrBurn and @Katt!! :D :party::party::party: I hope both of you will have a fantastic birthday! :D
  4. Alexander

    Happy birthday to SonicoXD!

    Happy birthday to @SonicoXD! :D I hope you have a fantastic birthday! :) :party::party::party::party:
  5. Alexander

    What was your first game for the Nintendo Switch?

    Mine was Zelda Breath of The Wild, it looked really awesome and I was looking forward to it so I bought it as my first Switch game! Which was your first game? Let me know! :D
  6. Alexander

    It's great to be in 4DR again

    Hello everyone! It's Alexander, former leader of 4DR. It's (almost) been a year since I left 4DR, (almost) a year later I am back trialing for 4DR! :D I am really glad I am able to be with you guys because this family clan is my favorite place since the very beginning! I hope to have loads of...
  7. Alexander

    Happy birthday to Kairo and Mason!

    Happy birthday to @Kairo and @Mason! :D I hope you both are having a fantastic birthday! :D :party::party::party:
  8. Alexander

    Now that we're all on Discord...

    Hi everyone! 4DR has moved from Skype to Discord and with that being said I went with the flow. I have been on Skype for many years and I've come across some issues with Skype in the past years; from little to very annoying problems. Chat lags, waiting too long for groups to load (Skype is...
  9. Angelo

    I need to talk to a leader, or coleader.

    I need to speak a leader or a clan coleader, I need a pending approval plus a situation to chat, it is short, I will not disturb, please, I need help:oops:
  10. Zachy

    General Inactivity

    Hello, all! Some of you may remember this thread from our Icyboards forum last summer if you were around back then. This thread is an unfortunate thread that we want to make to communicate with our members to say that school/work/jobs is starting for most people soon. So with that comes...
  11. Zachy

    Win 4DR vs Px

    War vs Pheonix or Px. A lot of people DCd during the first race, so we changed hosts and everything went smoothly after then. Not much to say. Very fun war I must say and GGs! :) Table: GP 1: GP 2: GP 3: Once again, GGs! :)
  12. Dokan

    How to join 4DR

    If you're interested in joining the 4DR clan for Mario Kart Wii or Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, read on to learn how. :) A couple rules/things to keep in mind: 4DR is NOT competitive for Mario Kart Wii or Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. We're a chill clan that occasionally wars, but mainly likes to play...
  13. Dokan

    4DR time trial leaderboards

    What you need to know about the 4DR time trials board: This is a FRIENDLY competition. Competition is encouraged, but don't take it overboard to the point of insulting one another. Proof of your time is required. We accept three kinds of proof, and only three kinds. We accept video proof of...
  14. Dokan

    4DR member and impostor list

    Want to join the elite squad known as 4DR? Click here to find out how. <span class="Leader"><i class="fas fa-shield-alt"></i> 4DR leaders (2)</span>: Dokan (土管) (MKW) [Discord: Dokan#0711] amaya (MKW & MK8DX) [Discord: amaya#9494] <span class="CoLeader"><i class="fas fa-shield-alt"></i> 4DR...