4dr members

  1. Tomas

    What is the maximum number of 4DR members you have seen in a Worldwide race?

    I think it was once, I saw 9 members in a race! :)
  2. Tomas

    What is your Top 5 of 4DR members on Time Trial?

    1.Tim 2.Skitty 3.Rachy 4.Justin 5.Realm 79.Dark z! Not Necessarily in order! :)
  3. Quest

    Old member list(s)

    On web.archive.org, there is an archive of the member list from October (no clue who archived it) and one from yesterday that I saved on there. If you're curious, you can view them at Internet Archive Wayback Machine
  4. Dokan

    4DR member and impostor list

    Want to join the elite squad known as 4DR? Click here to find out how. <span class="Leader"><i class="fas fa-shield-alt"></i> 4DR leaders (4)</span>: Dokan (土管) (MKW) [Discord: Dokan#0711] amaya MKW & MK8DX) [Discord: amaya#9494] Lycan (MKW & MK8DX) [Discord: Dirox Sachdeva#1921] Fergus (MKW)...