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  1. Leon

    Scouting WinterWeekend

    Hey, it's me again. So Upcoming Weekend (30 Nov - 2 Dec) I'm on winter weekend w/ my scouting group, and we're going to Phantasia land, (4th time this year :P) yeah, that was it.
  2. Leon

    Going to Theme Park

    So yeah I'm going to a theme park upcoming Thursday, i just wanted to let you know.
  3. Leon

    Scouting Jota-Joti inactivity

    So there's a event in Scouting thats every year and this year its 19-21 okt but i'll only be inactive from 12pm the 20th til 21st 12pm.
  4. Leon

    Inactive this weekend

    Hey, its me AGAIN I make these alot ngl So, I'll be upcoming Saturday, at my grandparents in Veghel, to help there with a Jumble Sale
  5. Leon

    Going to Heide Park Thursday and Friday

    Heyo! , so I'm making one, again. so, I'll be going w/ my dad to Heide Park for a few days, I'll be gone in the early morning and won't be back till Friday night! :D
  6. Leon

    Inactive August 8th

    Going out, again, this time to Toverland (Theme park). So i'll be inactive again.
  7. Leon

    Inactive August 1

    Heyoo, so i'll be going to a theme park tomorrow so i wont be active til the night
  8. Leon

    Inactive today / 29th July

    I'll be going to a friend today so i'll be less / in-active
  9. Leon

    Going on Vacation

    I'll be going from Wensday til Sunday to Sauerland (Region in Germany)
  10. BlazerZ

    My future activity

    I will be inactive for some weeks because of school and friends irl. I lost kinda a bit of my motivation so I need time for myself. Hope you can understand. Goodbye.
  11. Zachy

    Inactivity starting on July 29th

    Hey everyone! I am here making this activity notice because I'm unfortunately going to be inactive again! On around July 29th (more so on July 28th as I'll be leaving early in the morning on July 29th), I'll be going to a baseball tournament for my brother. The tournament is quite far away, so...
  12. BlazerZ

    Starting the school...

    Them i'll be inactive in MKWii and Forum (Skype maybe) for the start of School (Starting the Tuesday 10) them when i have time for us i'll be on from MKWii... Ok just Mario and Funky Kong wait me...
  13. Quest

    Upcoming MKW activity

    So, I have returned to MKW but will not be very active on it yet. Dates I might or should be able to play: January 15 and 18 February 11, 12 and 15 March 4, 21, 22, 24 and 25 May 27 and 30 Every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday during from June 20 to the beginning of next school year. I hope...
  14. Quest

    Back on Skype and more active on forum and mkwii

    Just what the title says :D