1. 4DR Worldwide Races #3

    4DR Worldwide Races #3

  2. [MKW] 4DR In-Clan War #2 (Full War) 8/27/16

    [MKW] 4DR In-Clan War #2 (Full War) 8/27/16

  3. 4DR Worldwide Races #2

    4DR Worldwide Races #2

  4. 4DR Official Monthly Fun Room Highlights (April 2016)

    4DR Official Monthly Fun Room Highlights (April 2016)

  5. 4DR In-Clan War - 4DR Staff vs 4DR Members (Selected Races)

    4DR In-Clan War - 4DR Staff vs 4DR Members (Selected Races)

  6. A

    Going Away

    Hey everyone just wanted to let you all know that I'll be going away for a week. I'll be visiting family in Sydney in that time and help my Ouma (Grandma) convert her pool into a pond. Not really sure if I'll be inactive, they have a wii there and I have my laptop. Anyway that's about it wish me...
  7. Zachy

    Welcome to our new Contest Designers!

    As you all know, we held Contest Designer applications for a week about a few days or so ago. We have quite a decent amount of applications and sorting through them and picking our picks took a little bit more time than expected, but we got through it! With that being said, I'd like to announce...
  8. A

    Aqua's Texture Shop

    Shop Status: Open! What this shop is: This is my texture shop. I'm currently only doing simple charater texture hacks but I could try track texture if requested. How to request a texture: To request a texture, please fill out this form: Character Name: Extra files to edit: Description of the...
  9. A

    Red Rosalina 1.0

    The texture changes the blue to red and her hair colour to red as well. The texture appears on the character select screen, in a race and on the minimap. This texture only changes what she looks like on the Bowser Bike (Flame Runner).
  10. A

    Aqua's Skrubs

    Aqua's Skrubs A collection of top kek m8s Skype: cheesethenyancat Discord: Aqua#7919 2024-6356-0469 - Openhost :hm:
  11. A

    Away from Skype

    Ok so heres whats happening with my activity. I'm sending my pc away for a while to get it fixed so I have to use my mums old, crappy one. The only problem with this is that I'm having issues with Skype and the internet on it is super slow. I'll try to fix it but I might be inactive for a 2-4...
  12. A

    Please Do My Survey

    Hello, everyone. :3 I need people to complete a survey for me. The survey is for my PDHPE Assessment and its about challenges and changes but you can post whatever answers you want; even if rude :p The survey should only take a couple of minutes. [UPDATE:] Answers do not need to be specific. /!\...
  13. A

    Hey, I'm Aqua

    Hello 4DR Forums I'm Aqua. Firstly I would like to thank you all for the warm welcome, it's been lovely to get nice messages on my profile and people talking to me :D Well here is some info about me ^^ : I'm Australian I'm a boy but most people call me a girl XD I have Skype: cheesethenyancat...