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  1. Leon

    Ask Leon

    Ask me anything Nothing 18+ or too personal. Like : "What's your address"
  2. BlitZ

    Ask JaK

    Feel free to ask me anything! If you used to know me as Zane feel free to ask me anything! =)
  3. D

    Ask David :3

    Hope someone reply xD If not I will delete this post xD Ask what you want and have fun:3
  4. Dokan

    Ask Dokan

    After 75 days, it is time to start my own Ask thread. :D Not allowed are inappropriate questions (you can send them anyway in my PM ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)) Anyway, let's go!
  5. Cody

    Ask Cody!

    Go ahead and ask me anything! I don't bite! :)