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  1. Zachy

    What do you think about the various battle strategies?

    If you know anything about battles, you'd know there are various strategies. Some are quite cheap in my personal opinion, but they are strategies nevertheless. The biggest three in my opinion are: Wallthrowing. This is when you go up to a wall on stages such as GCN Cookie Land and throw your...
  2. A

    Battle Mode Contest!

    Hello hello! We are back with yet another new contest for you guys! This time, it's in the game we all know and love, Mario Kart Wii! This contest is pretty simple. All you have to do is hit the CPUs in battle mode as many times as possible. The person with the most hits, 2nd most hits, and 3rd...
  3. ☆VFlame

    GCN Cookie Land 2.0 1.0

    Hello.. So its been like, what, a month since I last was seen here. Now I am back, with more texture productions, this one being my personal favorite and private, but now I am releasing to everyone so all can enjoy this, I spent a long time figuring out how mkw textures work and how to simulate...
  4. Zachy

    Favorite battle stage?

    I'm sure some people have seen me preach mine and my reasoning before, but I like GCN Cookie Land because there's no where to run or hide. You actually have to play. What a concept. There's a million dollar idea for everyone! But what is your favorite Mario Kart Wii battle stage and why?
  5. Zachy

    What is your opinion of the MK8 battle mode?

    A lot of people who have never cared or really got into battles in Mario Kart Wii (or even Mario Karts before that) really don't care about battles. However, if you were an avid battler or paid the slightest attention to battles, the MK8 battle mode was most likely quite a surprise and change. A...