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  1. Loyd

    What do you want for Christmas 2017

    I want/need: New clothes mainly sport Cricket Bat and gear PS4 Headset New laptop that can game
  2. Loyd

    Hey it is me Vink

    I play Mario Kart Wii Online and Offline for practice or world record contesting! Mario Kart Wii is love Mario Kart is life because it is fun and war or Skype and worldwide's is fun! Favorite character on Mario Kart Wii is: Diddy Kong! Favorite combination in Mario Kart Wii is 1. Diddy Kong w/...
  3. Tomas

    What has been your best winning streak on MKW?

    As the title says, How many consecutive races you stay in the top 5? :)
  4. Zachy

    What shortcut are you best at?

    I feel like everyone has a shortcut that they make consistently, or maybe a shortcut that really is their own because not a lot of people can do it. So what's your best shortcut, or the shortcut that you make most consistently? Mine is nothing special really, it's probably the regular Bowser's...
  5. Zachy

    What's the best friend code you've had?

    I think having a cool friend code is nice (I say "best" in terms of having like 0000-0001-7890 or something like that). It makes your friend code much easier to memorize and I'm sure there are plenty of people out there who get jealous of someone's friend code. What's the best friend code that...
  6. Wolf

    Best spot placement in ww's?

    Okay, so you'd think first place would be the best spot, but I personally think 2nd place is the best spot in mkwii. Maybe 12th place is the best spot if you're on luigi circuit or raceway because you can get a shock and chain for a golden or something. Btw, this purple font is amazing.
  7. Wolf

    Best player in MKWii?

    I don't really have any idea who the best player is. I think it could be like one of the World Record people or something. I'm just going to say I'm one of the best players because why not :3
  8. Zachy

    Best aspect of the game for MK8?

    Hot on the heels of my thread I made for MKW, I wanted to know what you guys think is the best aspect of Mario Kart 8. I know a lot of people say it's lousy (even those of you who play it consistently). But still, if you had to pick one best aspect of the game, what would it be and why? What...
  9. Zachy

    Best aspect of the game?

    In your opinion, what's the best aspect of the game? What makes the game so good? Is is the items that create a different experience every time? Is it the people you play? Maybe the courses you play? What's so good? In my opinion, I think that the items are the best aspect of the game because...