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  1. Dokan

    Happy birthday, Paris!

    We're here to congratulate people again: Today is @ParisAP's birthday, he just hit 19 years, almost two entire decades! :) We hope, you're enjoying your special day with Doss and we also wish you all the best for the future! Have lotsa fun! :party: :D
  2. Emilio

    Happy Birthday Xander!

    Have a good one Xander!
  3. Emilio

    Happy Birthday to Hari!

    I hope you have an awesome birthday today! Have a good one!
  4. BlitZ

    Happy Birthday Tyler

    A nice surprise when you return...Happy birthday @TylerHD ! Hope you've had an amazing day today! :party::p
  5. Dokan

    Happy Birthday to our best Kong

    I know, I'll get beaten up for this thread now, but hey: Without me, there are less memes. So today we are going to celebrate the most important day of our "Bestest" MKWii Troll Racer, Sushi Kong. Today he has reached the age of incredible 46 years! Which makes him (probably) the second oldest...
  6. Timo

    Happy Birthday to Kyphainz!

    Hello everyone, today, October 14, 2017 is Kyphainz's birthday!!! I've known him for about 2 months, and based on my knowledge about him, I think he is a cooooooooooooooooool guy!!!!:cool: Happy birthday @Kyphainz and I hope you enjoy your special day! :D:party::sun::party:
  7. Dark Veaz

    Happy birthday to Kairo and Mason!

    Happy birthday to @Kairo and @Mason! :D I hope you both are having a fantastic birthday! :D :party::party::party:
  8. Dossie

    Happy Birthday to Sniper!

    I want to wish @Sniper a Happy birthday :D I'll hope he will have a good day and that he will enjoy it to the fullest :p Eat a lot of cake as well btw ;) Anyway congrattzz sniper and celebrate it well :hug:
  9. Dossie

    Happy Birthday to Alexx

    Hey what do we have here o; it's @Alexx his birthday today :D I hope you will have a great birthday and that you will have an amazing day :D Eat a lot of cake btw :P
  10. Dossie

    Happy birthday to Viper!

    Well its @Viper his birthday!! I'll hope he will have a good one and that he will enjoy it :D Have a good time viper :)
  11. BlazerZ

    Happy Birthday DubstepJoshua!

    why not lol. :party: Happy Birthday @DubstepJoshua , hope you have an awesome day. :-D
  12. Zachy

    Happy birthday to Kiri and Zenya!

    We have two birthdays today! @Kirigaya (sorry for no alert, I tried to mention your old username lol) and @Zenyamk8 I know that at least Kiri will be on, so you'll have to tell us how your day was and what your plans are (if you have any). Regardless, happy birthday and hope you two have a great...
  13. Zachy

    Happy birthday to YoshiLover!

    On this lovely Sunday, we want to wish @YoshiLover a happy birthday! Have a great day today! :D
  14. Zachy

    Happy birthday to Asuna!

    We have a birthday today! Happy birthday to Asuna, or Roger (some of you may know him under that name)! Have a great day today! :)
  15. Zachy

    Happy birthday Jakob!

    We'd like to wish you a happy birthday, @jakob! Have a great day today! :) :party:
  16. Zachy

    Happy birthday to Sev7n!

    Haven't posted a birthday thread in quite some time, but here I am again! Today we at celebrating the birthday of @Sev7n! Woohoo! We hope you have a great birthday Sev7n! :D :party:
  17. SwtSkitty

    Happy birthday Camo!

    Happy birthday to @Camo ! Have a great day! :D
  18. elgug

    Happy birthday to Aker!

    My first bday thread? :eek: Anyway, happy birthday Aker! :)
  19. Zachy

    Happy birthday to Jayden and Joseph!

    Just wanted to wish @4DR Jayden and @Joseph a happy birthday! Have an amazing day you two! :D
  20. Zachy

    Favorite type of birthday cake?

    Hello everyone! I was just curious what everyone's favorite type of birthday cake was. :3 My favorite is golden cake with chocolate frosting. :D So what's yours?