1. Cate Hudtloff

    Beta Cave Music 2020-09-25

  2. Cate Hudtloff

    Beta ニコニコ組曲 (kdjungle cut) 2020-09-25

    Made By Me. If You Want More: Visit My Profile: Download:
  3. Cate Hudtloff

    Beta Wii Fit - Credits Remix 2020-09-25

    The full version of the original remix. I don't know why I liked the original so much. Anyway here is a new song. Download:
  4. Cate Hudtloff

    Beta DS Delfino Square Remix 2020-09-25

    Youtube video: I like how this track turned out at the end; i wanted it to remind the original one but also to be modern and catchy, so it took a while to finish it. So, hope you like and enjoy the music :) Made with FL STUDIO 12 Original by Shinobu Tanaka ALL RIGHTS RESERVED © Download BRSTM:
  5. Cate Hudtloff

    Block Plaza - Piano Cover 2020-09-25

    A high intensity Mario Kart Wii cover! To do the percussion, just tap your foot. Fast. Enjoy :) LINK: Mario Kart Wii - Block Plaza Download BRSTM: Yes Another BRSTM I Made. More To Come!
  6. Cate Hudtloff

    Beta DK Summit Remix BRSTM 2020-09-25

    Another Resource By Me. Download:
  7. Dokan

    How to make BRSTMs (Part 2: Multi-Channel BRSTMs)

    Welcome to the second part of my tutorial! Things you'll need: Audacity (DL: Audacity Downloads) Multi BRSTM Builder with GUI Tool (DL: ) A WAV sound file (should be better "prepared", look up Part I) The letter L (if you have failed that one job) CTGP v1.03 (In the MyStuff folder you can...
  8. Dokan

    How to make BRSTMs (Part 1: Normal BRSTMs)

    Welcome to my tutorial! Warning: Bad puns and memes are hidden here. Prepare for Disappointment. Things you'll need: Audacity (DL: Audacity Downloads) Brawlbox (any kind of version, latest is recommended; DL...