1. Zachy

    Unmaintained Button Activators

    Button Activators 2834XXXX YYYYZZZZ X Values: [NTSC-US] 1462 = First Wii Wheel/Nunchuck 199A = Second Wii Wheel/Nunchuck 1ED2 = Third Wii Wheel/Nunchuck 240A = Fourth Wii Wheel/Nunchuck 14C2 = First Classic Controller 19FA = Second Classic Controller 1F32 = Third Classic Controller 246A =...
  2. $

    Choose a button #2

    What would you choose? Infinite wealth, infinite wisdom, or infinite beauty/handsomeness? You can only press one button once, and you have to decide right now. I would choose infinite wealth because with wealth I can buy the other two. I can probably buy more than those two and I can do...