1. Jason

    How to Perform the Browser's Castle 3 Ultra Shortcut

    Greetings civilians, today I will be taking you on an in-depth guide of the well known Bowser's Castle 3 Ultra Shortcut. It's a very helpful shortcut that I often don't see being used, and I believe it should be! Benefits: Can be done shroomless easily Can be taken if Regular shortcut is...
  2. Rachy

    Bowser's Frozen Castle [GBA Bowser's Castle 3] by Me 2.1.0

    ~Description~ Watch in 720p. Well, I finally updated one of my first track texture of GBA Bowser Castle 3. Some textures including lava, effect, etc has edited. It look better than old one. If you have Fire Kart Wii v3, you can replace the outdated version of Bowser's Frozen Castle to this new...