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  1. NintenYoshi

    Cosmic Yoshi 1.0

    In MKW modding, textures are not my strongest point, but I'm working on getting the hang of them. :p Especially character textures, which I've always found complicated. Nonetheless, I decided to go ahead and give a try, and here we are :D Here I show off Cosmic Yoshi, whose design is based...
  2. Zachy

    Which character was the easiest to unlock for you?

    Going off of Dark z's thread... Which character was the easiest to unlock for you? I don't really have a specific character in mind personally, but any of the "Get X Star Rank on X Cup in X Mode" were always pretty easy since I played offline quite a bit.
  3. Wolf

    Favorite Inkling Character and why?

    My favorite one is Spyke, mostly because he reminds me of me LOL. Or Judd because he's a fat kitty and he's cute. I'm allowing people two votes!!
  4. Wolf

    If Birdo was gone, what character would be a troll?

    People use Birdo when they've stopped giving a crap or want to troll, so who would the next character be? I think it'd be the mii (that looks ugly af) or Wario.
  5. Zachy

    Create your own MKW character!

    This will be great! This is where you can create your own MKW character. You can include what you want about your character, but here's some basic information that most people will probably want to know: Character name Weight class Statistics (including: speed, weight, acceleration, handling...
  6. Zachy

    What's your favorite character from each weight class?

    This may come as no shock to everyone, but: Small class: Baby Peach Medium class: Peach Large class: Rosalina What about you guys?
  7. Viper

    David's Character Textures

    Here are all of my characters.
  8. thor

    Super Smash Bros. for Wii U Character Guide (Mario)

    Hello, hello! I see you want to learn how to play Mario in Smash 4. This guide will give you all the tips and tricks and maybe even a thing or two you didn't know about Mario and using this guide can help you master him. Advantages of Mario: Equipped with a lot of things to deal with...
  9. thor

    Super Smash Bros. for Wii U Character Guide: Little Mac

    Hello, hello! I see you want to pick up or learn more about Little Mac. Well, this is the perfect place to go! I will be explaining what style he plays, his tier list placement, combos, and everything you need to know about this character. Without further ado, let's begin! Little Mac is...
  10. Zachy

    Favorite Character Class?

    Just interested in seeing what everyone's favorite character class (light, medium, or heavy). I think I like medium the best because it's like the best of both worlds. You have better control/handling (of course, this can vary depending on vehicle selection) from being a small character, and you...
  11. ~Jonny~

    Rumors of Secret Character

    Does anyone remember the rumors of Mii Outfit C? There were a bunch of manuals and guides that came from nintendo game designers and the ways to unlock or cheat on certain things, and it said that Mii outfit C was a character in the game. I'm not sure if this is true or false, but it also stated...
  12. Zachy

    Least Favorite Character

    I think the topic of who everyone's favorite character is has been exhausted. A topic that isn't is who is everyone's least favorite character and why? Mine is definitely funky kong (daisy if I could pick more than one) because of the overuse. :tu: How about you guys?