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  1. A

    Battle Mode Contest!

    Hello hello! We are back with yet another new contest for you guys! This time, it's in the game we all know and love, Mario Kart Wii! This contest is pretty simple. All you have to do is hit the CPUs in battle mode as many times as possible. The person with the most hits, 2nd most hits, and 3rd...
  2. KarmaAkabane

    MKWII competition FC invalid

    Hey (: the current competition is my 1st one of the Wiimmfi competitions. After sending my record in (yesterday) and waiting 5 mins to look at the top 100 my record ( 2.04) doesn't show up. After typing in my FC at the Wiimmfi website it says that my FC is invalid... What should I do now? T___T
  3. Rachy

    How to get Competitions on MKWii (Wii and Wii U)

    Leseratte released the competition patcher (beta version) for Wii and Wii U, that's means you are now able to play competitions on MKW! I hope this helped. Thanks to Leseratte for his amazing work on competition patcher to bring the competitions back! If you have any questions, then feel...
  4. Timo

    Milo's 1 vs 1

    Hey guys, if you want to 1 vs 1 me. Just say so on this thread. I will play 2 gps and I will host in the 1 vs 1 rooms. GGs to whoever plays with me. :p The racing will begin on Dec 15 and onwards: Details Below: WINS: 0 LOSSES: 1 TIES: 0