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contest designers

  1. BlazerZ

    New Contest Designers Wanted!

    Hey guys! Maybe you opened the thread for the title, if I'm right, let's start with some things for add: The Contest Designers feel as if we might need a little bit of help due to Tim's departure as a contest designer to focus on his studies and Amaya most likely, resigning from his position as...
  2. thor

    Looking for a new Contest Designer!

    Hello! The Contest Designers feel as if we might need a little bit of help. So, we are accepting 1 more new applicant to join our team! In order to do that, however, you will need to create a thread in the Voting Booth under Contest Designer Applications. What you should include in your...
  3. T

    Custom Track Time Trial Contest!

    Hello Everyone! I am happy to announce that we have another contest for you guys! In this contest, you have to Time Trial on the following 5 Custom Tracks from CTGP-R: Heart Of China Super Sky Courtyard Subspace Factory Headlong Skyway Halogen Highway Contest Info: This contest will begin on...
  4. Alex

    Contest suggestions

    Hello everyone! I am aware that contests are fun and get you guys involved on the forum, so I decided to make a thread where you can suggest what you would like to see in a contest. Now, that doesn't mean your contest suggestion will be an official contest, but it will definitely be taken into...
  5. Alicu

    Contest designers

    Contest Designers are those who come up with contest ideas and prizes. Please note that they are the only people who can post new threads in the Contests section and can make official contests. Contest Designers also have limited moderator permissions in this section. So, if you need anything...