1. Zachy

    Favorite course music?

    What is your favorite course music in Mario Kart Wii? I like Rainbow Road a lot and N64 Bowser's Castle because of how mysterious it is. How about you guys?
  2. Rachy

    Fire Mario Raceway [N64 Mario Raceway] by Me 1.0.0

    ~Description~ Hey guys! Today, I've decided to release a new track texture I created. This is fire version of N64 Mario Raceway, like Fire Mario. I hope you enjoy that new track texture! :) Download: Date of Release: 7th November 2015
  3. Zachy

    Favorite Course Music?

    What is your favorite course music from Mario Kart Wii? I suppose we could expand this and say ask what your favorite music is in the game, but try to stick to courses. Honestly, I'm not a huge fan of video game music, but if I had to pick, I'd say the music from rainbow road is my favorite.