custom track

  1. Pyro

    Active FC's in MKWii i can play with?

    *ahem ahem* So, as i already said in the title, are there possibily any active people i can play (if possible) CT's or just friend rooms with? my friendcode(Wiimmfi, CTGP-R) is: 0693-2039-1755. Leave your FC in the replies i guess. Also, sorry if i posted this on the wrong category..
  2. Dokan

    What's the deal with the speed of the CPUs in Red/Green/Yellow/Blue Loop?

    Well, as the first thread, I want to say something about my horrible experience about the 'silly' loops. It was July 2016, as I grabbed my Wii from the attic and finally downloaded CTGP on my console. I started my first races on versus with random course selection and 150cc. (Guess what, it was...
  3. Zachy

    Do you think there should be a Mushroom Peaks remake?

    I've seen quite a few comments lately about people talking about how there should be a Mushroom Peaks remake. It's probably the oldest Custrom Track out there with no redesign since its original release. So I think that's the culprit reason as to why people think that there should be a redesign...
  4. Quest

    Do you use any custom track packs other than CTGP?

    I personally have not and am not planning to ever. It seems to me like most of you would be the same way, but we'll see.
  5. T

    Custom Track Time Trial Contest!

    Hello Everyone! I am happy to announce that we have another contest for you guys! In this contest, you have to Time Trial on the following 5 Custom Tracks from CTGP-R: Heart Of China Super Sky Courtyard Subspace Factory Headlong Skyway Halogen Highway Contest Info: This contest will begin on...