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custom tracks

  1. JackPuff

    Help me pick tracks for a 4DR Custom Track Distrubution!

    So what I want you guys to do is to pick a custom track (copy the link to download it) and say what regular track you want it to replace! Only one submission per member! --- Post merged --- I’ll start! I’ll pick Heart of China to replace Moo Moo Meadows! :) (I already have it downloaded so I do...
  2. Leon

    Top 5 Sniki Tracks!

    Hello Everyone! Welcome to Top 5 Sniki Tracks! ' Quick disclaimer : This is my opinion Number 5 Cool Castle Canyon This is a track what has CRAZY shortcuts Watch here : It also has some great designs like how the wood is placed. Track rating 7.5/10 Number 4 I love this track...
  3. Loyd

    CTGP Help

    I have now started playing MKW again, and recently I have bumped into some confusing problems. I can only play MKW online via the Wiimmfi Patcher. I can't use CTGP because I am getting error codes when I try play online. I just find it bizarre when online works for Wimmfi Patcher but not CTGP...
  4. Zachy

    Do you think there should be a Mushroom Peaks remake?

    I've seen quite a few comments lately about people talking about how there should be a Mushroom Peaks remake. It's probably the oldest Custrom Track out there with no redesign since its original release. So I think that's the culprit reason as to why people think that there should be a redesign...
  5. Loyd

    Longest Custom Track

    Longest Custom Track Leave a reply of what you think is the longest Custom Track in your opinion! For me it has got to be Six King Labyrinth